Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why I don't send copyright claims anymore...

We're all familiar of the thieves of Youtube videos, but most importantly (currently) our beloved ASMR content creators content.

I have spent many hours of my life filling out online forms telling Google 'yes this is mine...'. It is an endless battle you cannot win. So I say, why bother? The chances of that video reaching the same amount of views as my own is slim to none, so the income they recieve is minimal. I'm basically fighting for what... 5p?

But that is not what has stopped me. It is the prevention of information leaking. Lately I filled out another copyright claim and it was counter copyrighted. I had access to the persons full name, personal e-mail and address. So, I believe the chances are that they also had access to my information as it was the information I had filled out on the copyright form, just as they did.

If you feel the need to send a copyright claim, I have no right to ever stop you, I just ask you to take warning on who/what has your information.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

My favourite music

I've considered making a whole soft spoken video on this, and thought this blog post might be a good reminder to myself to do so.

I like all sorts of music, but the one genre that has stayed with me my entire life is classical music. There is something about this genre, where words aren't needed to purvey the perfect meaning to mood and thats what I adore. Classical and orchestral music can make you feel like a warrior, help you exercise, relax and everything in between. I don't call myself to be an expert with the artists behind the music however, I simply am just drawn to music which creates a powerful atmosphere.

In regards to other genres, I have loved rock and metal ever since I was introduced to them. Growing up, I was surrounded by the music my mum loved, and so I grew fond of everything from Britney Spears to Green Day. I remember the first 'alternative' band I ever listened to was because of my brother, and that was Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace, and to this day I love TDG, (even with the new singer, Matt).

I had a phase of enjoying 'screamo'. Lets just say, that didn't last very long. I'm pretty sure I listened to it because it was the 'trendy' genre to listen to. But what that did do for me, was enforce my love for rock and metal.

Now I listen to just about anything. I am in love with Avatar, a Swedish based death metal inspired band. I love Five Finger Death Punch, Pet Shop Boys, one hit wonders from the 80's (Human League etc.), but I still obsess over Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and 'Hayley Westerna's cover of we'll meet again' still brings a tear to my eye.

So there you go, i'm not sure if this provided any detailed insight but myargh! :)

What do you enjoy listening to?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The pros and cons of making ASMR themed content.

This post was made in the hopes of being humorous. These of course do not correspond to every single ASMR content creator and the lists are certainly not exhaustive by any means. I don't know why this heading is so big, it won't let me reduce the size of it. Ahh!

Pros (Possibilities)
  • The comment section can bring joy to what could have been a bad day
  • You are able to help people do a fundamental action
  • Be as expressive as you wish
  • Send out a positive message
  • Boost confidence levels for you and the viewer
  • 'Mastering' whispering without coughing out a lung
  • Learn new skills with unfamiliar software and hardware
  • Make friends
  • Clipping.


  • You hate every noise on Earth that conflicts with your recording
  • The long daunting task of editing
  • Record typically really late at night
  • Irony
  • Having 1000 ideas and not having the props to fulfill those ideas
  • Having 1000 ideas and not having the time to fulfill those ideas
  • Having 1000 ideas and not having the rendering power to fulfill those ideas
  • Begin to obsess over background noise

Saturday, 28 March 2015

How I react to ASMR videos

We all react differetly to life experiences, including ASMR.

I was watching some adsolutely brain-melting, tingly, videos this week and I noticed how depending on the microphone and pace of voice I was triggered differently.

If it was a binaural video, only my left side would be triggered. It almost felt like my right side was completely ignorant of the relaxing feeling.

However, if it were stereo, with no desire for panning, my entire body would be triggered.

Do you have this? Where do you tend to be triggered most? And what videos have you been watching lately for this tingles to arise? :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

ASMR and pleasure

When you see the average ASMR content creator (myself included), we will likely say to somone to help describe the feeling of ASMR that it is a 'tingly pleasurable sensation'. But we're wrong... surely?

ASMR isn't factually pleasurable. I feel the way we describe it tries to cover the whole audience who  feel this, but to some it isn't pleasurable at all. Some describe it as yes tingly, but also an 'uncomfortable' feeling.

This interests me how when someone actively watches an ASMR video, they are overwhelmed by an unstoppable feeling. Is this what makes someone uncomfortable? The control of a sensation so profound and very taboo at this point? Would this feeling be more comfortable had it be less controlled, say in an unintentional atmosphere?

Just food for thought for today. I might make a video discussing ASMR regarding this. We shall see.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

So why the name?

Lemurex isn't a word. It's more a re-phrasing of the Latin based word lemures.

My channel to begin with, was not going to be an ASMR channel, just merely a creative outlet, thus why my name is so ill-fitting with such a video type.

Lemures represented spirits wandering the Earth who were unable to get a proper burial thus were in constant pain and agony and sought to reap this onto living people.

I made the channel almost 4 years ago with no set path, but a keen interest in the different and more importantly, in relation to the title question, Philosophy.

I study Philosophy both outside and isnide school, and it is truly bliss to read the different views of many Philosophers from many an age ago.

So why the name? It both defines my interest for the different, aswell as my search for the unsearchable. I was tempted to cut lemurex out and change it for something more befitting to ASMR, but I thought I could credit a small piece of my personality to my channel. So there ya, thats why the name :)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The 'P' Word

Patreon for anyone that didn't know has seen to be viewed as something controversial, thus the title for this particular blog post. 

I have been reflecting on the pros and cons of this website now and have decided to ask you, if you think if it is a good idea for me to pursue it.

For anyone that doesn't know, Patreon is basically a reward and pay system for your favourite Youtubers to help them get better equipment and be more stable in terms of emergencies ( equipment breaks etc).

In the grand scheme of things, I never thought anything I do or did was worth someone offering '$100 a month'.

So I ask you, what do you think about Patreon? Love it/hate it? Should I pursue it?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Get to know me

I could just put a bunch of facts about me down below, but I figured that'd be the most impersonal way for anyone to get to know me (if they wanted to).

I am a very quiet person. I often find the company of myself more satisfactory than the company of others. I've been like this ever since I was a child, and saw it to be normal until I was a teenager, when words were pinned down by pen to describe 'quiet people' like myself.

I'll hold the door open for you and smile to assert that i'm a good person to someone who may not know me.

I have always tried to show you my best side. The side which I am most proud of, because what I do has helped me identify with myself that I am a better person than I thought I could ever be.

Consider my ASMR videos to be the 'holding the door open' for you. I may never know you personally, but i'd still do it, to make someone's day a little easier. Whether that 'door' is opened for 1 person, or many more.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Frequently asked questions

1. Where do you live?
Wales in the United Kingdom

2. What setup do you currently use?
I use the Panasonic HCV110, Blue Yeti microphone, with Audacity.

3. How old are you?
I am 18

I'll update this from time to time :)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Video Idea: ASMR designed for outside your home?

I think at least once in our lives, we've all sat awkwardly by ourselves during our breaks, lunches or other daily activities. Some of us struggle to concentrate from an up building of anxiety, or eat without worrying who is watching us stumble a few crumbs down our clothes.

I know what it is like to spend lunch times alone and worry who may possibly be judging me.
So I have decided to go ahead and make a series of videos designed as a set conversation for different environments. So perhaps an mp3 conversation whilst you're at the library, your lunch breaks, during revision. Any environment where you would think you wouldn't enjoy being alone..

I must state. Of course there are plenty of people who enjoy their own company, and being alone is nothing to be ashamed of, as your own solitute can; on many ocassasions, be very comforting.

If you are reading this, please please let me know what you think?