Saturday, 21 March 2015

ASMR and pleasure

When you see the average ASMR content creator (myself included), we will likely say to somone to help describe the feeling of ASMR that it is a 'tingly pleasurable sensation'. But we're wrong... surely?

ASMR isn't factually pleasurable. I feel the way we describe it tries to cover the whole audience who  feel this, but to some it isn't pleasurable at all. Some describe it as yes tingly, but also an 'uncomfortable' feeling.

This interests me how when someone actively watches an ASMR video, they are overwhelmed by an unstoppable feeling. Is this what makes someone uncomfortable? The control of a sensation so profound and very taboo at this point? Would this feeling be more comfortable had it be less controlled, say in an unintentional atmosphere?

Just food for thought for today. I might make a video discussing ASMR regarding this. We shall see.

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  1. I hate to make comparisons between ASMR and sex, but I think this one illustrates my point well:

    Some people don't find sex to be a pleasurable experience. For some people, it is uncomfortable. And yet, public perception is that sex is a pleasurable thing.

    Similarly, I think the general consensus will always be that ASMR is a pleasurable sensation. There might be a minority for whom ASMR is an uncomfortable experience. But, on the whole, people are going to describe it as being pleasurable.