Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Please know that we notice -- and that we care.

This article came about from remembering just how many people have left the ASMR community (in a media producing sense) and how many are on a hiatus right now. The hiatus is deserved. The leaving is fine. But this hole of yearning for a community that can't come back remains.

Subscription feed feeling a little samey? That glowing nostalgia just not feeling the same? Me and you, buddy. Me and you.

I started this channel roughly 5 years ago. I was within a circular community of fresh faces, muffled microphones, and more visible pixel blurring than you could shake a mouse at! It was a tight knit community. Google Hangouts with your favourites were a common thing on Friday nights! British, American, European alike! All conjoined in such a pure, joyous, environment, where a simple chat was more than enough to 'let your hair down'.

Everybody had a Facebook friend page! It was the thing, of course! We'd all (no matter the subscriber count) seem to max out the friend list. Because it was more than just ASMR. It was family, too. ASMR was getting larger when I grew to be a part of it. But that feeling of everybody getting along was strong, and more importantly, wholesome.

Marriages, babies and country moves have happened because of ASMR! Because of those Facebook pages where everybody was equal! Because those tight knit communities had allowed such a peaceful door to be opened...and I miss that. And if you were a part of the ASMR community back then, I know you miss it too. ASMR is my community, and will always remain my community, but what happened...And why?

With ASMR blowing up in search results over the last 3 years we are left engorged in tingles. A hangover of tingles from a 'wild sesh' of continuous video watching. Where 'Cranial Nerve Examinations' are now considered 'old school' and slime is the next 'big thing'. Was ASMR ever supposed to have a big thing? Or after manifesting a name for something so 'taboo' have we embraced it as all of the new generation have. With a click, a like and a pay check? Most likely so. My 'old ASMR soul' is bound to the roots of ASMR with that elderly bitterness we all end up getting, but I accept the change now. And the change is good. This generation will do, and is doing what it does best. Modernizing the way for ASMR and plateauing it, to be good tasting to all.

But the clickbait? I find myself despising it. But again, no matter how you perform, at least the message of ASMR is getting out there.  I draw a fine line between those who WANT to help, and those who always wanted a Youtube channel and ASMR was the only successful way to do. I find that those who both perform the clickbait often tend to be those who care very little to help others. But that sense of compassion (like I've said) should simply be disregarded. Because no matter what somebody's agenda is, it still helps some people! However, to the latter, I say - Go tingle yourself.

That's the beauty of ASMR though isn't it? Its quite like the slime videos. Easily molded, with vibrant little sparkles that keep it together. But no matter how you shape it, it'll still go back to that goo we all know it to be and love at the end of the day. - Insert hearty chuckle -

Please know that we notice -- and that we care.