Tuesday, 17 March 2015

So why the name?

Lemurex isn't a word. It's more a re-phrasing of the Latin based word lemures.

My channel to begin with, was not going to be an ASMR channel, just merely a creative outlet, thus why my name is so ill-fitting with such a video type.

Lemures represented spirits wandering the Earth who were unable to get a proper burial thus were in constant pain and agony and sought to reap this onto living people.

I made the channel almost 4 years ago with no set path, but a keen interest in the different and more importantly, in relation to the title question, Philosophy.

I study Philosophy both outside and isnide school, and it is truly bliss to read the different views of many Philosophers from many an age ago.

So why the name? It both defines my interest for the different, aswell as my search for the unsearchable. I was tempted to cut lemurex out and change it for something more befitting to ASMR, but I thought I could credit a small piece of my personality to my channel. So there ya, thats why the name :)

1 comment:

  1. Love your videos and the name is wonderful. You have made the name fit ASMR.