Thursday, 2 April 2015

The pros and cons of making ASMR themed content.

This post was made in the hopes of being humorous. These of course do not correspond to every single ASMR content creator and the lists are certainly not exhaustive by any means. I don't know why this heading is so big, it won't let me reduce the size of it. Ahh!

Pros (Possibilities)
  • The comment section can bring joy to what could have been a bad day
  • You are able to help people do a fundamental action
  • Be as expressive as you wish
  • Send out a positive message
  • Boost confidence levels for you and the viewer
  • 'Mastering' whispering without coughing out a lung
  • Learn new skills with unfamiliar software and hardware
  • Make friends
  • Clipping.


  • You hate every noise on Earth that conflicts with your recording
  • The long daunting task of editing
  • Record typically really late at night
  • Irony
  • Having 1000 ideas and not having the props to fulfill those ideas
  • Having 1000 ideas and not having the time to fulfill those ideas
  • Having 1000 ideas and not having the rendering power to fulfill those ideas
  • Begin to obsess over background noise


  1. Laura, is there any chance of a video in pure Welsh? Like a soft book reading, or something of that kind.


    1. I think i've already done this. Called 'Guinivere's wedding' or something along those lines. I can try and find another book to read