Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why I don't send copyright claims anymore...

We're all familiar of the thieves of Youtube videos, but most importantly (currently) our beloved ASMR content creators content.

I have spent many hours of my life filling out online forms telling Google 'yes this is mine...'. It is an endless battle you cannot win. So I say, why bother? The chances of that video reaching the same amount of views as my own is slim to none, so the income they recieve is minimal. I'm basically fighting for what... 5p?

But that is not what has stopped me. It is the prevention of information leaking. Lately I filled out another copyright claim and it was counter copyrighted. I had access to the persons full name, personal e-mail and address. So, I believe the chances are that they also had access to my information as it was the information I had filled out on the copyright form, just as they did.

If you feel the need to send a copyright claim, I have no right to ever stop you, I just ask you to take warning on who/what has your information.


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  2. Hey I just wanted to say I love your ASMR videos there great I used to struggle with sleeping majorly but now I fall asleep nice and relaxed :) I love the ones about Video games as I'm a big fan of them myself I have never played Final fantasy 10 but loved Metal Gear rising you seem to be into RPG games so I would amazed if you have not tried Skyrim anyway thanks again for your great videos and keep making them :) x

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