Sunday, 4 January 2015

Video Idea: ASMR designed for outside your home?

I think at least once in our lives, we've all sat awkwardly by ourselves during our breaks, lunches or other daily activities. Some of us struggle to concentrate from an up building of anxiety, or eat without worrying who is watching us stumble a few crumbs down our clothes.

I know what it is like to spend lunch times alone and worry who may possibly be judging me.
So I have decided to go ahead and make a series of videos designed as a set conversation for different environments. So perhaps an mp3 conversation whilst you're at the library, your lunch breaks, during revision. Any environment where you would think you wouldn't enjoy being alone..

I must state. Of course there are plenty of people who enjoy their own company, and being alone is nothing to be ashamed of, as your own solitute can; on many ocassasions, be very comforting.

If you are reading this, please please let me know what you think?


  1. Hi Laura! That sounds like a very interesting idea. For me personally, I think the most effective thing would be to structure videos like this as a sort of one-sided dialogue for someone to listen to, rather than have them be sort of a scripted conversation. Especially if the aim is to have people listen to them during times like lunch breaks, the general roleplay vibe of leaving pauses in the dialogue for them to answer and such might not be best if they're trying to focus on eating or whatnot. But overall it's a cool idea and I'm sure it would be helpful for people either way. Hope that made sense!

    1. I very much agree, it you have any ideas for a one sided dialogue do let me know, I just didn't want it to be a video of me rambling on and on :P

    2. Well I've very much enjoyed all of your rambling videos thus far so I wouldn't be opposed to more like that :P The only general idea I have is to perhaps make two different types of dialogues: one being in the style of a rambling, free-flowing conversation, and the other being more of a planned out discussion on any topic about which you're passionate and maybe want to "teach" people about. I say this because the former would likely be better suited for a library/revision atmosphere, whereas the latter would be tailored to someone who might want to learn about something new while they're eating lunch. I think that would add variety in terms of how people could use them!